Tips for Packing

You will need to bring a power adaptor which suits the electrical requirements of your equipment and adapts to the UK.

A typical UK (BS1363) electrical socket:


Please check our climate page to compare typical weather expectations for July against your own country and pack accordingly.  As our weather is very unpredictable due to the position of the Gulf Stream, we would suggest summer clothing including sunglasses, sunscreen, sensible footwear for prolonged walking etc. and autumn clothing: a raincoat or umbrella, warm clothing and even gloves, a hat and scarf.

Money and Currency

Here in the UK we use Pound Sterling.  In our County of Cornwall this is used most commonly, however some shops will accept Euros as well.  Credit Cards are widely accepted.  There is a Cash Machine on campus, but if it is not compatible with your bank card there are a range of Banks in the town of Falmouth which is very close to campus.