Mr Jonathan Ellis

mr jonathan EllisMr Jonathan Ellis, UK Education Director, The Bloodhound Project.

I have always had an interest in Science and Technology and followed with immense interest the "Space Race" and the aerospace technology.  I always wanted to be an astronaut and walk on the Moon following my hero Neil Armstrong or be a pilot and emulate the exploits of Roland "Bee" Beamont (British test pilot who flew Lightning, TSR 2 & Tornado).

After joining the Royal Air Force Regiment I continued to follow advances in space and aerospace technology through the Space Shuttle, ISS, and the Stealth Programme.

I have been with Project BLOODHOUND SSC since 2009 and am committed to the Educational aims of, "Inspiring the Next Generation of Engineers" through increased awareness of the opportunities available to young people through STEM study.  I have delivered a variety of initiatives in the Project and have take on the role of engaging with not only schools and Colleges but the the Business Community and County Councils and developing large scale Bloodhound Education Experiences that meet the economic growth needs of the different areas of the county.  Initiatives like this enable Bloodhound to have a greater reach and penetration, working alongside all aspects of Education and Commerce.

The next 24 months are going to be the most exciting time for the Project and the Education team are making a real impact in developing capacity in STEM and we are still developing more innovative and exciting programmes to encourage young people to follow STEM and an iconic British Project – BLOODHOUND SSC.