Educator's Symposium

Feuerbach's SymposiumOn the afternoon of Sunday 14 July there will be an opportunity to engage in an educator's symposium.  During this session delegates will be grouped in a variety of ways to discuss current issues and methods in teaching, learning and Science education.  This will be a chance to listen to how other schools and countries approach Science education and an opportunity to contribute to the discussion in a non-threatening environment.  No preparation is required for this session but delegates should come prepared to listen and contribute in equal measure.  The session will be facilitated by experienced staff from CSIA; who will guide people through each discussion opportunity.  We would like as many educators as possible to attend this session but recognise that for some this may not be possible.

Stimulus Topics for Discussion

  • Stimulus:  “What are the three biggest Scientific threats and the three biggest Scientific opportunities to mankind on the planet?
  • Stimulus:  “How we develop our most gifted students in Science and how we help them cope with the pressures involved.”
  • Stimulus:  “Notable achievements we are proud of in our school.”
  • Stimulus:  “What will Science education look like in 20 years time?”
  • Stimulus:  “Strategies we use to encourage girls’ participation in Science (and their advantages and disadvantages).”
  • Stimulus:  “What I most enjoy about being involved in delivering Science”

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